Is whatsapp necessary evil or a blessing in disguise!

Smart phone users these days are busy updating the status of their Whatsapp application, on a daily basis. The status change routine is followed with much vigour and zeal. Such is the craze for status updates nowadays that there are numerous sites on the internet that provide some witty one-liners and motivational quotes.

One such witty one-liner that one can come across was ‘Can’t talk, only Whatsapp’. This is extremely hilarious, because the said person is unable to talk on a one-on-one basis but is ok with chatting on Whatsapp.

Another witty one-liner that you can find is ‘On a High’. I fail to understand if this particular status is due to the person feeling exceptionally optimistic about his/her current circumstances or consuming too much alcohol the night before.


Both these status messages have one thing in common and that is to attract attention towards the individual. The first one-liner above indicates the empathy of today’s generation that is engrossed in materialistic possessions and fails to understand the importance of a good face to face conversation with friends and family.

The second one-liner above is like an oxymoron where the person is trying to make an impression that all is well in their life, whether true or not.

Whatsapp – The relationship Update Tool

Individuals keep updating their relationship status on a daily basis on Whatsapp. It is courtesy this tool that they keep you posted on the restaurant they visited last evening with their girlfriend/boyfriend on a date to the food they ate while they were there. You are further made a little jealous by them as they post photographs with mouth-watering dishes.

The Oomph factor that arises out of keeping your status updated also leads to some sad news being revealed like a break-up. Not that everyone is interested in knowing specifics about the individual but the constant notifications force you to take notice.

What is really bothersome is the kind of news one gets to read that says that someone committed suicide because his/her friend decided to break-up and revealed this news by updating the status on Whatsapp. The suicide rates due to such incidents have increased tremendously in the recent past. It is inhumane to reveal one’s personal life and lead another person to commit such extreme step by posting the news with such little concern over the other person’s feelings.

One of the popular professional quotes is ‘Stay hungry, Stay foolish’ by Steve Jobs as a Whatsapp message. This simple yet elegant one-liner is for the not so fastidious one’s who like to focus on the task on hand.

The relationship Update Tool

Real world is full of interesting people, activities and sceneries but people fail to notice the environment around them as each is engrossed in updating their virtual life leading to unbalance between real and virtual.

Why then is this craze still existent? Is it a necessary evil or a blessing in disguise? It is because too much importance is being laid on portraying oneself as a unique and popular being in the virtual world and feeling like a superstar due to the oomph factor involved when one gets attention after an update announcing a positive or negative event in one’s life. Sometimes it is also helpful when friends and family motivate someone in times of need.

It is also a useful tool to announce the birth of a grandchild to parents staying thousands of miles away or death of a family member to someone. It is a way to boost one’s ego when one clears an exam with flying colours or share the sadness when one flunks. It is also a way to boost about one’s latest date and impress friends or make them jealous. No matter, what the intention, one thing that is clear is that it is not the virtual world that maketh a man or a woman. Humans are social animals and it is extremely important for each one of us to be connected to the real world and belong to our surroundings. That is an opinion that most learned scholars share, rest it is up to the reader to decide and while you do so, don’t forget to update your status on what you think about the topic.