Choosing the ideal place to store the products, is a factor of great importance to guarantee the stability of the same, so, know below the variables that determine in a decisive way the success of the final selection of a suitable warehouse for your company rv & boat storage petaluma.


When choosing the warehouse for business products or removals, it is necessary to verify that the facilities are in good condition, dry, clean and that they have been built under the minimum requirements of rooms for storage.

In addition, the infrastructure must allow proper distribution, loading or unloading, as well as the efficient use of space and good accessibility to the products.


It is essential that the warehouses are equipped with shelves, platforms and structures to order the products and optimize the use of space, so it will not be necessary to stack them on top of each other, avoiding damage or deterioration of the different elements.


Ideally , the company that has warehouses for leasing to provide the appropriate machinery for the movement and transport of goods.

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Inventory management

A direct and constant control over the stored elements will give you greater effectiveness over what you need to stock in your warehouse, avoiding the loss of elements without there being any known reason for this action.

Packaging and packing

To preserve the products of various damages, it is essential to make an adequate packaging and packaging. If the company provides this service, it is a point in favor for a successful choice.


If the employees show an excellent organization and each one fulfills the specific functions, this will guarantee responsibility and order with their products, avoiding losses or lack of control with the suppliers.

Security and surveillance

To ensure the stability of the products, it is ideal for the company in charge of renting warehouses to provide a surveillance, security and security cameras service 24 hours a day. This way you will feel calmer about the elements that you left stored.

The most pertinent thing is that the same company provides all these services, by having suitable people in each field, this way your goods will be safer and without occasional damages. Also, you will save time and money since you do not have to contract yourself for each service.