Tips to get a cheap motor trade insurance

In this world of increasing price, it is essential that you have control over what you spend. The same can be applied in case of courier services. There are many courier companies which provide insurance at a very cheap price. There are some companies where you need some skills to get the insurance at a reasonable price. To get cheap motor trade insurance, our tips might prove to be of some help to you.


If you are a person who drives safely, then you can fit a telematics box to your car, van, fleet or any other vehicles that you have. This will prove to be very helpful in lowering insurance premiums. The function of telematics is to record brakes, speed, erratic driving and other such stuff. If you drive safely, then insurance premiums are usually low as compared to unsafe driving. Unsafe driving increases the cost of insurance. Drive safe and get cheap motor trade insurance.

Dash Cam

Cheap Motor Trade Insurance

If you want to save money on your motor insurance, you can install a dash-cam. Installing a dash-cam proves more substantial in the case of vans. Although the charge of installation may be more, it can be an offset against taxes. Moreover, the savings which you make on the premium can make it a more attractive and exciting option.

Safe Driving

If you are a courier driver who is self-employed, then being claim free is the best way for you to lower your motor premiums. You must inform your insurer of the endorsements on your license but do not let out your penalty points. If you have license endorsements for driving offenses, then keep information for their validation by checking online. Moreover, if you have spent your penalty points, you will be unnecessarily paying off for your insurance odds.

Securing your van

The secure vehicle gets cheap motor insurance. There are many ways of preventing your vans from being a target for thieves. You can either fit an immobilizer or a professional alarm. For more security, you can keep your cars or vans or any vehicles in places where there is proper street lighting and where many people pass by. Alternatively, if you have a garage, you can keep your vehicle inside the garage and lock it from outside.


Keeping your vehicles in the best condition will help to get a cheaper insurance for your vehicle. If you drive safely or if your car is very secure, you can easily get motor trade insurance at a cheap price.