It is of little use to take care of your teeth if you forget the gums

Almost always more concerned with tooth decay, implants or orthodontics, we do not usually give the gums the importance they deserve. However, the health of our teeth depends largely on their condition. They constitute the mucous tissue that protects the base of the teeth and attach them to the bone, so that their role in oral health is essential. Click here for gum disease west palm beach fl.

Gingivitis and periodontitis, main gum diseases

The mildest gum-related pathology is gingivitis, which is caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque to the point of causing inflammation, redness and even bleeding gums when brushing teeth. Visit this site for gum disease west palm beach fl.

It is easily treatable, but if it is not done it can degenerate into what is known as periodontitis. It is the inflammation around the tooth that causes the removal of the gums and favors the formation of the so-called periodontal pockets, accumulations of bacterial plaque that damage the bone and the tissues that support the tooth, so that it begins to loosen and may even fall. In fact, periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss among the population and one of the biggest threats to our dental health.

How to detect periodontal pathologies?

The existence of a periodontal pathology can be detected, in addition to the inflammation and bleeding of the gums, by:

  • The existence of halitosis.
  • Chewing pain.
  • Tooth sensitivity.
  • Mobility of the teeth.
  • Gum retraction

How to prevent gum problems?

In order to avoid these diseases and other problems, it is convenient:

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Reduce the consumption of saturated fats and sugars

The feed directly affects oral health, so it is critical to control what you eat and how much. You have to do without butters and industrial pastries, and opt for lean meats, blue fish and skim products.

Watch what you drink, especially if you have sensitive teeth

Acidic drinks have a negative effect on the mouth; If they are cold and carry sugar they are even more harmful, so it is advisable to moderate or eliminate their consumption.

Prevent teeth from staining or breaking

Red wine, coffee, tea, cola and tobacco can cause stains on the teeth, as does excess dark chocolate. Also, be careful when biting hard foods with your front teeth.

Brush your teeth at least before bedtime

The care of the diet adds to a correct oral cleaning because the lack of hygiene or an inadequate or insufficient can give rise to gum diseases, which, in extreme cases, can cause the loss of one or more dental pieces. It is essential to brush, at least before going to bed, since only then can you maintain good oral health.

Do not postpone the visit to the dentist

Prevention is the best investment. A regular visit to the dentist will allow you to review both the health of the teeth and the frequently forgotten gums, helping to prevent periodontal diseases and, if it is no longer possible, at least slow down their course.