Tips to increase breast size naturally

If you wish to have large breasts and hence increase your breast size, then you must know how. Artificial methods such as surgery or breast implants are not what we are going to discuss over here. Consuming a healthy balanced diet will obviously help you increase the breast size, but there is another way out, and that is exercise. Some exercises exist which are only for the upper body. Exercises that strengthen the pectoralis major muscle are known as breast exercises. The pectoralis muscle is located beneath the breast and strengthening these muscles gives a good shape to your breast. Here we will explain the most common three breast size enhancement exercises. Performing these exercises is not a tough job, all you need to do is get your postures right and results will be visible to your own self within 3 to 4 months.

Push Ups – Pushups (1) are considered as one of the most common, easy and important exercises. You don’t need to go to the gym or need equipment to perform this exercise. All you need is a flat surface spacious enough to let you lie freely. There are many types of pushups, but to start off, you should opt for half knee bent pushups and then move to full stretch pushups. It aims at the growth of pectoralis muscle, shoulder, and triceps. It is also known as a core strengthening exercise. Begin with 3 sets of 5 repetitions with a break of 1 minute in-between each set. Increase the repetition according to your suitability and strength. With the increase in exercise also monitor the changes in breast size if there is any. However, to get the encouraging results, it may take a little time, but at the same time, one must not stop the exercise also.

Chest Press – This is also another breast size increasing exercise. Among the various types of chest press (2), the dumbbell chest press is appropriate, to begin with. It is the one which will help you get big breasts. You need two dumbbells which you can lift up easily, a flat bench or a swiss ball to perform this exercise. Lie down on your back on the ball or bench, lift the dumbbells straight up and pull them down to your chest, it’s that easy. It is a simple yet much effective way to increase the size of the breasts. One can notice the changes in the breast size in a couple of weeks also.

Rear Lateral Raise – Just like chest press, here also you need a pair of dumbbells. Bend your knees along with your body over the hips in standing position and hold the dumbbells facing each other. Your back must be flat in a horizontal shape. Raise your elbow to shoulder height and lower them. Practice 3 sets of 10 repetitions each. Continue the exercise for one month or so until the visible results are there.

Exercise is essential for maintaining a fit and healthy body. Such exercises are the remedies to your small bust problem. Start now and increase your breast size naturally (3). In case you go for more exercise. Also, it will not harm your body in any way.