What is fetal gene therapy?

Since the period of 1990’s gene therapy is something which doctors have dreamt of providing directly to the fetus of a mother. Till a few years it back it moved from science fiction to reality.  In the United Nations biotechnology is taking such a course of action that fetal gene therapy is going to be the subject matter of research in the days to come as well. Let us now understand more about fetal gene therapy and implications.

It has to be stated that severe fetal gene therapy is on the rarer side. The chances are pretty high that you would need to worry about it. Different genetic disorders are there which go on to have an impact on new born with varied degree of intensity. Once the time goes on and on certain conditions could arise to the prominence of a couple of genes. Once again all these conditions are on the rare side, but when you add all of them some form of genetic condition could arise. A lot of mothers in the days to come will be learning in an early stage that their expected babies have some form of genetic condition. Once things fall into place more and more provisions for prevention and detection of fetal gene therapy comes into prominence.

Before we go ahead one really needs to understand what the fetel gene therapy is all about? It could be referred to as treatment in adults or children where genes are being added to the specific body cells. In the days to come it is going to include treatments that are going to delete specific cells from the body as well. This goes by the name of somatic cells. These are cells that evolve from different tissues in the body and not gametes( this is not reproductive cells, sperm in case of men and eggs in women) as gene treatment goes on to avoid gametes of patients, for sure it is not going to have any impact on the future of the kids or their grandchildren as well. But one thing is for sure it can go on to change the life of a person. It has to be stated that gene therapy is working in order to correct blood disease known as haemophilia B. it is also used to cure other organs like liver or lungs and trust me the list keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

When a gene is being delivered to an organ it requires a carrier vehicle in the form of a virus. The best virus that works is AAA and it has to be mentioned that the carrying capacity of it is limited. Once again you can only go on to deliver small genes through it and most of the genetic diseases that tend to emerge from large genes. The evolution of CRISPR has been a hit. It does help cut small portions of the gene and it does not replace but repair the part of genes.