What is trigger point therapy? And what are its benefits?

If there is tension on your muscles in between your back and neck, it can be very painful and sometimes it can be paralyzing, to add more, it is also very difficult to figure out where the pain comes from. What makes it concerning is that when you reach your back, you feel small lumps in the area that hurts when you press it down, so where are these painful lumps came from?

One way to find that out is through getting a massage, not just an average massage, but something that will work out on treating your condition. You need a trigger point massage therapy which is the appropriate type of massage for this kind of condition. However, before you get your trigger point massage therapy, here are some important considerations you might want to use from gathered pieces of information from a well-known trigger point therapy las vegas nv.

First off, what is a trigger point massage therapy actually? This is a type of massage therapy that targets the areas of the muscles that have contracted and have formed small fibrous nodules which are painful and tender to touch which sometimes called as knots and pressing it can produce extreme pain, and sometimes the pain resonates in a wider area of your body.

Compared to other types of massage, this involves massaging your entire body, because trigger point massage is focused on specific areas that can be applied to isolate the pressure point followed by the release.

So, where does trigger point massage originated? It was first used and coined its term as trigger point in 1942 by Dr. Janet Travell after she researched on trigger points of the muscles in our body followed by specific patterns for referred pain through the body which she would later one of the reasons why she ends up to become the White House physician of late President John F. Kennedy who suffered chronic back pain.

Trigger point massage is effectively used for those people who are injured or have overused a certain muscle group or multiple trigger points that have formed which causes pain and limits mobility to their body. If you suffer from chronic or acute pain, your doctor might prescribe you to undergo trigger point massage therapy to alleviate the pain and ultimately treat your condition.

trigger point therapy las vegas nvThe benefits that you can get from undergoing trigger point massage therapy is that it releases constricted areas in the muscle to relieve the pain and also help you regain your mobility; this type of therapy has some similarities to the deep tissue massage. This type of therapy might not be as relaxing compared to other therapeutic massages, but its effectiveness makes it very popular and recommended by many for its significant way to make your muscles relax and tension-releasing benefits that can be felt even in a single session.

However, before you decide to have trigger point massage therapy, it would be advisable that you should not self-evaluate and directly ask for this kind of massage because you might be having another condition that might make it worse, or not hinder the healing process of it which is why consulting your doctor should be your top priority.