Get more details about elevated pool deck

Building a dream home is the pinnacle of achievement for many, as the time changes the expectations of setting home are also getting changed.  Amongst these expectations, having a swimming pool indicates a symbol of luxury and lavishness and its presence completely changes the look of a home. As construction and maintenance of an In-Ground swimming pool have its own pros and cons, many people opt for reliable pool ideas and in order fulfil such ideas, a new trend is emerging which is called as “Elevated Pool Deck”.

This is the emerging idea of a having pool with reliable budget and maintenance. An elevated pool deck is constructed according to the requirement of an individual above the required surface using ‘Adjustable Pedestals’. Things to be noted while constructing a deck are:

  • Purpose of construction.
  • Area where the deck has to be constructed.
  • Required Height.

Purpose of Construction

A pool should be constructed according to the purpose, whether it serves as elder’s relaxation point or child’s recreation or both.


Budget plays a main role which decides the type of material to be used and also choose the pools from low to expensive type in the market.

Area for Construction

The area has to be selected properly while constructing a deck around a pool as many of the people live to spend more time around the pool than inside the pool. The deck around the pool should be constructed in such a way that the people inside pool should be able to walk around, while others are relaxing. There should be a proper sunlight and shady areas.

It can be the backyard, rooftop or even an indoor pool which is mostly considered as the spool, it fulfils the requirement of a spa and pool recommended for less availability of space.

Required Height

The above ground ‘Adjustable Pedestals’ are used to set at the required Height. This determines the position of above the ground level; this covers the flaws of a Ground or a steep slope on a rooftop. It also helps with a privacy look for the pool Where if small shrubs are grown to cover up the height of the pool. The deck can be attached separately. This type of pool is easily portable from places.


Different types of materials available to build a deck around the pool depending on the taste of the individual. Concrete, wood finish and tiles are mostly preferred models for deck construction. While constructing the decks, one should take care of the slippery nature of the floor. The floor should be a heat absorbent else it may hurt barefoot during sunny days and also mold and algae resistant.


Each deck has its own, reliable durability depending on the quality of material used for its construction, after that particular duration of time the necessary steps have to be taken for improving the longevity of the structure. Most of the decks constructing materials have a lifetime of 7 to 15 years.


This gives a special look for both pool and the deck depending on the material used for the construction of a deck, the plants which suit the deck has to be selected to give a unique look for the pool.

A final consideration is for the inflow and outflow of the water, that is supply and drainage system should be taken care of while creating the structure.