E- Liquid is used in electronic cigarettes that vaporize to synthesize the smoke (found mainly in traditional cigarettes). It comes in large variety of different flavors and the content of nicotine in the liquid varies. It is quite easier to use e-cigarettes and e-liquid as an alternate to smoking and nicotine respectively than then person might think.

E-Liquids have a base of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol with nicotine and some added flavors but in some cases it contains some amount of both types of glycerin. As it have different ratios of both bases but in order to have a best experience the person must have an understanding of the quality which different brands are providing. The consumers who are allergic can have problem by using the propylene glycol (PG) as base of e-liquid but in these cases they can use vegetable glycerin (VG) as a base for e-liquid.


The VG based e-liquids can be used as an alternate to PG based e-liquids because they are not chemically produced, provides nicotine fix in a natural way and are derived from the vegetable oils. Its nature is thicker and provides more satisfaction than PG bases e-liquids but it also requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance of the device. It provides a sweeter taste after use and change the flavor profile slightly.

If there is any confusion regarding the use of ratio of PG/VG then the consumer can choose a ratio of the two as PG/VG 60:40 or PG/VG 50:50. If the consumer wants to have a stronger hit and more flavor then he can use 100% PG or PG/VG 80:20 ratios. On the contrary if there is requirement for more vapors and less hit then ratio can be used as PG/VG 20:80 or 100% VG.

The process of using e-liquid is as follows:

  • Open the bottle (shake it before opening as VG settles down on the bottom of the bottle)
  • Keep the tip of e-liquid bottle towards the wall of e-cigarette tank carefully (do not get any e-liquid on skin)
  • Add approximately 20 drops of e-liquid to a new atomizer
  • The liquid must hit the wall of e-cigarette only and there should be no liquid in the tube center
  • Disconnect the e-cigarette from battery while filling the e-liquid
  • Wait for the tip of atomizer to be set for about 1-2 minutes so that liquid can easily saturated in the internal fibers.
  • Make sure that all the components are screwed together properly as when the tank is full then screw the mouthpiece and also screw the e-cigarette tank on the battery.