A Guide to Optimizing Checkout and Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you are an online seller, your ultimate goal is to sell many products or services because it means profit. Fortunately, there are many systems that you can employ to entice online shoppers by directing them to your page. The real challenge here is how to convince online shoppers to purchase instead of abandoning their shopping carts.

According to an autonomous study conducted in 2017 by a research firm Statistica, 77.3% of shopping carts were forgotten or abandoned. This is considerably high even for large online businesses. Abandoned carts are considered a nuisance that will cause damage to your business. If this is your concern, the first thing that you should think about is how to minimize abandonment.

The good news is that there are many ways that can minimize shopping cart abandonment through shopify abandoned cart app. Here are some ideas:

Employ exit-intent pop-ups
It is time to employ exit-intent popups. These pop-ups are effective in detecting when the shopper is about to leave the page. By installing exit-intent pop-ups in your shopping cart and checkout pages, you encourage the shoppers to stay. The message in the exit-intent pop-up may contain more good deals or offers.

Maximize abandoned cart email

If the shoppers still leave the page despite seeing offers through the exit-intent pop-ups, your next option is to send abandoned cart email. This email will remind the shoppers of the cart as a way of enticing them to go back.

Remove the surprise
Shoppers do not want surprise fee apart from the products or services they are getting. It is important that you conduct transparent transactions and never think about hidden charges because this is one of the reasons why shoppers are backing out. In the case of shipping fee, for example, shoppers will be shocked at the costs when it is time to pay thereby abandoning the cart. You can minimize this by putting a calculator for example on the product page so the shoppers will have an idea how much is the price.

Allow guest checkout
While it is a prudent idea to require the shoppers to create an account first before checkout, it can be inconvenient for online shoppers. Filling the form and confirming the email address are sometimes too much. This is the reason why you should allow guest checkout. This is your way of maximizing non-members that will eventually expand your clientele.

The secret here is to provide the shoppers with a smooth and easy transaction. With the right tools, you can entice more sales than abandonment.