Proxy Server 101: When and why should you use a Proxy Server?

Proxy servers have taken privacy and security to a whole new level, it enables individuals to browse the internet without fear of detection.  Using a proxy server will allow you to access your favorite websites or perform your business privately.

What is a Proxy Server? 

A proxy server is typically an application that receives and transmits requests for information or resources from other servers. This service intermediates on your behalf, whether you need a secure connection, a file, a piece of information or other support. It protects your identity from the server which you seek information.

When do you need a Proxy Server?

There are tons of reasons why you would need a proxy server, most of it is related to privacy or your computer performance. Below are the most common reasons that you would need a proxy server.

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–    To access website anonymously: Perhaps the most common use of the proxy server. If in any case that you are out of the country, you will soon realize that there are several websites and programs that you cannot access. Many governments deny access to these certain websites. You can use a VPN to disguise your location and gain access.

–    To filter content: Proxy browser can also be used to filter the web content on a specific computer. Parents find this especially useful for filtering the content on their computer, mostly to protect their children. Schools also use this to enforce computer and web surfing policies.

–    To improve computer performance: Proxy server can also improve computer performance, especially for large businesses. A caching proxy filter frequents requests then stores them allowing your company to minimize the use of so much bandwidth the next time you receive the same requests. This will reduce usage and cost while accelerating the time it takes to process and save applications.

There are tons of uses of proxy servers, you can look for them on the internet or you can ask suggestions form your friends and colleague. But these are by far the most common. If you’re afraid of hackers using them against you, be sure to invest in anti-virus software and other privacy protection software designed to protect against such situations.