Explore some of the lost places Berlin:

 The Eisfabrik – Flugzeughallen Karlshorst

  • VEB Fotochemische Werke Berlin
  • Freibad Lichtenberg
  • The Friedhofsbahn
  • 1950s Gas Station
  • The Heating Plant
  • Villa Heike
  • Iraqi Embassy
  • The Jungle Hospital
  • VEB Kabelwerk Köpenick
  • Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee
  • Kino Sojus

The jungle hospital:

If you have heard about the jungle hospital the main question that might occur in your mind is why do cities let go of the hospitals to waste making it an abandoned structure. This is indeed one of the famous places among the lost places Berlin. There are many abandoned properties in Berlin mostly the children hospitals, sanatoriums, clinics but the jungle Hospital has evaded the mainstream attention out of so many places. This was built in the 1930s by the Nazis as a part of compound housed industries while the rest of the property was designated as military barracks.lost places berlin

The Soviet took over the Nazi base and this place continued to use until the late 1950s to serve the purpose of military force after which the East Germans decided to turn the military barrack into Hospitals. Till a few decades, everything remained calm and the same for the Hospital which certainly survived the German reunification. There were several new clinics which were built making the hospital’s demand decrease which led to its shutting in the late 1990s.

This property remained under the possession of the city which in return tried to find an investor for many years but that didn’t happen certainly and left the property untouched as some of the lost places Berlin. The place attracted not so wise people after the property got abandoned and lots of harm was made to the property. Some little attempts had been made to bring some sort of security to the building of the hospital where the door grates were attached to deter the unwanted guests and bolted windows. The interiors have been changed with some remote valuables every pane of glass has been smashed and the walls have been covered in talentless graffiti now. As an advantage, nature has made it quite impossible to recover the place which is one reason that it might vanish soon.